Is your organisation moving workloads to the cloud? Do you backhaul internet over MPLS? How are your sites accessing the internet? What are your traffic flows? Do you have an existing MPLS core network? How much are you spending on moves, adds and changes per year? How much time and effort is invested in the WAN?

These and many more are key questions a successful business case will need to address to build a business case baseline to compare any SD-WAN transformation. The good news is the process won’t take as long as you may think.

Coevolve has worked with clients all over the world and understands that over complicating the business case can be counter-productive in the race to meet business expectations. A simple, methodical approach can be taken to produce baseline comparisons that demonstrate transformation will at the bare minimum support the existing needs while unlocking significant upside commercially, technically and operationally.

Coevolve Business Case Baseline methodology

Coevolve has developed a simple methodology to help build a high level comparison base for comparing the traditional WAN solutions against the opportunity available through a network transformation approach embracing technologies such as SD-WAN.

Cost Category 1 – Direct Operating Costs

  • Internet costs (OPEX)
  • MPLS costs (OPEX)
  • Router management costs (OPEX)
  • QOS
  • Other

Cost Category 2 – Sustaining Operating Costs

  • Moves, adds and changes
  • Internal management costs

Cost Category 3 – All in Costs

  • Internet costs (CAPEX)
  • MPLS costs (CAPEX)
  • Equipment leasing (CAPEX)
  • Financing costs
  • Head office administration

Building the TCO comparison

  • (CC1 + CC2 + CC3) x contract term = Basic TCO comparison