In addition to our Integrated SD-WAN Solutions, we provide a number of innovative solutions for enterprises, all managed by the Coevolve Response Center.

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Enterprise CDN Services

Enterprises and SaaS vendors are highly dependent on web front-ends for their productivity applications or customer-facing portals, so end users can access them from any location using any device or browser. However access via the unreliable public Internet can often to be painfully slow and frustrating, especially when end users are situated long distances from the applications.

Limitations of the un-optimized web application

  • Internet performance remains highly variable for enterprise traffic without a purpose-built technical solution to mitigate the underlying issues
  • It is very difficult for enterprises to predict the performance that will be achieved for each user as it is dependent on a wide range of factors including local network quality, ISP peering and geographic distance from applications
  • End user experience becomes even more variable when enterprises need to deliver more rich media content to the client devices, including voice, video and content sharing

Limitations of legacy Content Delivery solutions

  • Content Delivery Network (“CDN”) providers value high-volume, steady traffic over lower volume B2B or enterprise traffic, and the enterprise suffers as a result as they must contend with the higher volume traffic for cache space and capacity
  • The business model for most large CDN providers is predicated on the delivery of high-volume B2C content, such as viral videos and streaming media
  • Delivery of dynamic content using a CDN solution can be problematic due to unpredictable latency over the Internet
  • B2B content is not as heavily and consistently accessed, the enterprise doesn’t get the capacity and cache space it needs

The enterprise needs a content acceleration solution built to meet the enterprise’s B2B needs, with built-in optimization, compression, and the ability to support dynamic and real-time content.

Coevolve’s Enterprise CDN solution

Coevolve leverages technology from its partner Aryaka to deliver its Enterprise Application Delivery Network solution, built for the enterprise, on a global private backbone. Our solution provides enterprises with stable, consistent, and lightning-fast application performance that does not fall victim to the vagaries of the public Internet. Riding on top of a private core network, the Enterprise Delivery Network solution prioritizes business traffic – and only business traffic. The solution offers enterprises increased cache availability and delivers performance benefits of up to 3 times that of traditional CDN vendors.

This results in the best possible whole-site delivery experience, happier end users and performance numbers that can provide enterprises with a competitive edge.

Global coverage

We have the world’s only web application acceleration solution built on a global private backbone. This gives you unparalleled consistency in terms of dynamic web application performance.

MPLS and WAN Optimization Replacement Services

Coevolve’s WAN Optimization as a Service provides a high-performance, secure, any to any optimized network overlay, using existing Internet infrastructure but without the complexity of a mesh of IPsec tunnels. Simple to deploy, each location establishes a single tunnel to a nearby aggregation point and each aggregation point is connected into a global private core network. The service uses WAN optimization technologies built into the core network to accelerate the performance of the most demanding applications – in-house, externally hosted or cloud-based.

Our solution is a fully managed service. From design, project management, installation through to ongoing management, Coevolve’s WAN Optimization as a Service provides an end to end service for your users.

Key business benefits

  • MPLS-like experience for the new application environment: WAN Optimization as a Service provides any to any connectivity and seamlessly integrates with your existing global network. With a dedicated low latency core network with built-in diversity, our service includes industry standard QoS and uses enterprise grade IPsec encryption to secure your traffic. You gain all of the flexibility associated with MPLS, but with the ability to connect seamlessly to applications that sit outside your network perimeter.
  • Built-in WAN optimization: Prioritize your demanding application traffic using technology built into the network, without the use of additional appliances at your sites. Additional hardware can be deployed at zero capex to enhance the network performance, particularly at very remote locations or on links with high latency.
  • Global coverage: With more than 25 aggregation points (and more being added on a regular basis) around the world, our WAN Optimization as a Service is designed to be close to even your most remote locations.
  • Simplified design: The model of using just a single tunnel to an aggregation point greatly reduces the complexity of the network, improving security and reducing the risk of human error. You can leverage your existing Internet infrastructure so you can access an optimized experience without deploying additional network infrastructure.
  • Improved performance to SaaS applications: More predictable performance can be achieved for users accessing SaaS-based applications by leveraging the optimized private core network for the majority of the traffic flow, and the global aggregation points have been deployed close to many of the most popular cloud-based services.
  • Elastic capacity and burstability: Allows peaking or bursting of traffic beyond the provisioned amount especially useful where high speed local loop connectivity can be obtained inexpensively.
  • Performance reporting: Coevolve will provide you with access to a comprehensive portal showing the performance of network traffic end to end, including efficiencies delivered by the optimization service in real time and over any web browser.
  • Managed 24×7 by the Coevolve Response Center: All services are managed on a 24×7 basis by the Coevolve Response Center (CRC), providing you with a proactive incident management service, in-depth analysis of performance reports and recommendations for any improvements.