Coevolve’s capabilities are an excellent fit for the challenges faced by the technology industry. Today, we work with software development enterprises, and many other technology businesses to improve connectivity between offices and the public cloud. Some of our capabilities for the technology vertical include the following:

Secure connectivity for offices and remote users

  • Coevolve provides a comprehensive Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution to ensure that users can access authorized resources anywhere in the network, regardless of where they are located. We provide consistent security policies across the entire business and can integrate with a range of identity management solutions to align these policies with the correct users. This allows connectivity to workloads inside the network as well as in the public cloud
  • Our solutions allow partners and external development teams to connect securely to the network, with access limited to the specific applications they are permitted to use
  • We provide end-to-end visibility and analytics on the use of the network and can integrate with external SIEM tools to identify anomalies or trends related to user access

Facilitating global growth

  • Businesses in the technology vertical are increasingly expanding into new markets to attract developer talent and facilitate cost-effective growth. Our team is highly experienced with delivering reliable connectivity, anywhere in the world. Our clients use more than 500 ISPs and telcos in over 80 countries in our Telco-Independent solutions
  • We support networks in markets such as Vietnam, India, Philippines, Indonesia, and Brazil, with next-generation SD-WAN solutions that facilitate connectivity to data centers and the public cloud
  • Coevolve has a large network of underlay provider partners that can provide access to in-country broadband products, replacing legacy network infrastructure

Cloud-first technology solutions

  • Many technology businesses transfer large volumes of data over the network. Coevolve can provide innovative solutions to replace traditional backbones and support rapid ramp-up of capacity when required
  • We can help address the multi-cloud challenge, integrating multiple cloud environments and extending on-premises networks into public cloud providers. We understand how to build SD-WAN technology into the public cloud and use next-generation technologies to connect between regions and availability zones
  • We understand that the industry does not remain static – we are seen as a trusted partner to our technology industry clients and regularly bring new and creative approaches for review and discussion

Cultural fit

  • We provide a creative alternative to traditional network solutions. This means helping our clients get away from traditional long-term, static bandwidth contracts and embracing a more fluid, agile mode of operation. This aligns well with technology industry businesses that constantly need to adapt and innovate
  • Coevolve adopts a partner-first strategy, where we identify innovative technology partners and bring these offerings to our clients as they become viable, rather than a slower approach of building offerings ourselves. This allows us to keep up with the rapid level of change in the market
  • We focus heavily on the use of automation and APIs in the network solutions we provide to our clients, using toolsets and methodologies that are familiar to many of our clients in the technology industry

The Rise of Telco-Independent Networks

As part of our NextGen Series, this eGuide delves into the evolution of network architecture and the emergence of telco- independent networks.