The Rise of Telco-Independent Networks

Your guide to modernizing your network architecture for success

The business landscape has changed – the unprecedented speed of digitalization, paired with global uncertainties and disruptions means enterprises must prioritize flexibility, agility and adaptability to keep up with the constantly changing demands of the fast-paced modern world. 

In light of these changes, enterprises are increasingly realizing the value of modern networking and security delivery models that are telco-independent and carrier-neutral. Ultimately leading to a surge of interest in the workings of these delivery models, how to identify an appropriate service provider, and where to begin.

As part of our NextGen Series, this eGuide delves into the evolution of network architecture and the emergence of telco-independent networks. It also sheds light on the potential obstacles you may encounter and the essential questions you should address before adopting a telco-independent approach.

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“It’s an interesting time for enterprise networking because we’re seeing an unprecedented level of change – from the users to the infrastructure and applications they depend on – right across these critical environments. With these changes in enterprise networking, a complete rethink in terms of how these networks are built, managed, and optimized over time is needed – the traditional mindset isn’t going to deliver the performance, cost or technical outcomes that enterprise networks want to achieve.”