Giving Back

At Coevolve, we are deeply committed to making a positive impact on our community. We strongly believe in the importance of giving back and are dedicated to making a tangible difference.

Homelessness knows no boundaries, globally it can affect individuals of all ages, genders, backgrounds, stemming from a range of factors including domestic violence, social disadvantage, financial hardship, poor health and more.

Over the past eight years, the members of our Coevolve team have wholeheartedly participated in sleepouts—an initiative designed to raise both awareness and crucial funds for the cause. These sleepouts have provided us with a firsthand experience of the hardships faced by homeless individuals, fueling our determination to make a lasting impact.

Through these dedicated endeavors, we strive to foster empathy, understanding, and compassion within our organization and the broader community. By actively participating in sleepouts and fundraising activities, we not only raise vital resources to support organizations combating homelessness but also spread awareness about the multifaceted challenges faced by those without a stable place to call home.

We’re all just two life-changing events away from potentially being homeless