Architecture Engineering & Construction

The global business of designing and constructing today’s new architectural masterpieces, transportation systems, and housing is a complex integrated challenge. Sharing complex dynamic information from anywhere in the world is a must. With global information management and resource pooling, resources no longer need to be on-site for each project but instead, operate out of centers of excellence and share knowledge on projects around the world.

Challenges for the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Industry

  • A combination of network performance and security is required to send and synchronize large files between multiple locations
  • Video and voice conferencing that is intra-company and secure is essential to maintain project coordination without spiralling travel costs and the inefficiency of dead travel time
  • Rapid growth through mergers and acquisitions means a myriad of network providers and the inheritance of different applications and operating models
  • Project offices are often short-term and move frequently. Long installation lead time is unsuitable for transient requirements of interim connectivity at project sites
  • Increasing need to collaborate and access centralized applications across different time zones and geographies
  • Massive requirement for remote and centralized storage capacity from activities such as geological site surveys, engineering drawings archiving
Like every civil engineering project, each Coevolve solution is unique and tailored to the environment of our clients. With our comprehensive suite of services, we can help the Architecture, Engineering & Construction industry overcome these challenges.

The Rise of Telco-Independent Networks

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