Professional Services

End-to-end Managed Network and Security Solutions

Our Professional Services team can help enterprises transform their WAN by leveraging the latest technological advancements, emerging operational models, and best practices.As enterprise WANs are constantly evolving, it can be challenging for enterprises to determine the best approach for their use case, implement the necessary changes, and allocate the necessary resources to do so.

With a proven track record of success, our Professional Services team has the necessary skills and experience to design, implement and deliver our integrated SD-WAN and SASE solutions.

There are 4 key components of our Professional Services

  • SD-WAN and SASE Proof of Concept (PoC) Management
  • Next-Generation network architecture
  • Integration with legacy routing protocols
  • Activation and transition support

The goal of our Professional Services is to help enterprises perform tasks related to SD-WAN and SASE deployments that cannot be performed in-house, or where internal resources are not available.

SD-WAN Proof of Concept

One of the most common activities performed by our Professional Services team is the management of an SD-WAN or SASE Proof of Concept (PoC) using VMware SD-WAN.

We developed a reliable and replicable process for SD-WAN Proof of Concepts (PoCs), that includes the following:

  • Initial consultation with the client to agree on the scope of PoC, locations, success criteria, timescales, etc.
  • Delivery of necessary equipment to client sites
  • Distribution of virtual SD-WAN image(s) to client if required
  • Technical design workshop session to discuss insertion approach, IP addressing details, routing protocols, failover, and interaction between PoC and non-PoC sites
  • Activation of PoC at test sites
  • Assistance with testing during PoC
  • Documenting performance against agreed success criteria
  • Transition from PoC to production environment

Client Success Story
Hansen Technologies

Equinix, VMware and Coevolve come together to address the Distributed Edge: Hansen Technologies undertakes WAN VMware SASE on Equinix Network Edge.

Client Success Story
George & Matilda

Unifying independent branch outlets under one common SaaS-model: Coevolve and VMware SD-WAN eliminate MPLS to introduce efficiency and cost savings.

Client Success Story
MPC Kinetic

Segregating Network Traffic Across Multiple Isolated Sites: Coevolve helps MPC Kinetic implement VMware SD-WAN to achieve total network control and cost savings.