Multi-Cloud Network Management

Facilitate and enhance Multi-Cloud Networks

As enterprises continue to take advantage of cloud environments often we often begin to see cloud sprawl. This is where enterprises deploy services over various cloud platforms and regions requiring far greater connectivity capabilities and management strategies then single cloud networks.

To accommodate these critical network requirements, enterprises and industry analysts recognize that the traditional approach to building backbone networks is simply not fit for purpose in a multi-cloud environment.

Coevolve provides next-generation, software-defined, cloud-ready architectures, leveraging VMware SD-WAN on Platform Equinix to reduce the complexity and time taken to connect to multiple clouds.

“Today, applications are rapidly moving to the cloud, and legacy infrastructures struggle to scale and address the performance demands of users. So, we are delighted that a global service provider like Coevolve has chosen Equinix Network Edge to give customers the ability to deploy a digital-ready infrastructure at the network edge within minutes and accelerate their digital transformation efforts regardless of location.” – Guy Danskine, Managing Director, Equinix, Australia

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By focusing on the underlay and adopting SD-WAN.