Cloud Network Management

Next-Generation Managed WAN

Cloud networking has become an essential part of most enterprise WANs, as the balance of infrastructure and applications moves from on-premises environments to cloud platforms. Coevolve is proud to be a Microsoft Azure Networking MSP partner, and we offer a range of services to help enterprises with the design, implementation, and ongoing management of cloud networking environments in Azure. We leverage innovative technologies such as Azure Virtual WAN to provide entirely new topology options to enterprises.

Azure Networking Professional Services

Our expert team brings a new perspective to developing an architecture for cloud-centric WANs. We can help with the design and implementation of Azure Networking products to deliver additional functionality or better performance to enterprises that need to access workloads deployed in Azure. Some of the Professional Services projects we can perform include the following:

  • Review of existing Azure network topology and connectivity
  • Architecture development for adopting Azure Virtual WAN
  • Routing design between Azure and on-premises environments
  • Integration of Azure Virtual WAN with on-premises network environments
  • Integration of Azure Virtual WAN with SD-WAN solutions
  • Architecture development and implementation of virtual SD-WAN appliances in Azure
  • Architecture development and implementation of virtual firewall appliances in Azure
  • Development of High Availability (HA) and clustering architectures for Azure network components
  • ExpressRoute architecture and sourcing strategy development

Azure Networking Managed Services

Enterprises now require their cloud environment to be treated as a seamless extension of their existing WAN, not a separate bolted-on component. We provide a range of managed services for Azure networking environments that improve the visibility of the network between users and Azure workloads and offer proactive alerts on anomalies in this environment.

Some of our managed service capabilities include:

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