Introduction to Smart Services

The need for Smart Services in the enterprise WAN

  • Traditional WANs were entirely dependent on provider managed services to for value-added functionality​
  • SD-WAN products provide a range of built-in features for orchestration, reporting, diagnostics and alerting. Managed services on top of these products can add further value​
  • Coevolve’s Next-Generation SD-WAN solutions with Smart Services allow the enterprise to obtain significantly more value, with the Smart Services building on the underlying product functionality to address business requirements

Key Smart Services principles

  • Focus on the clients’ business requirements and challenges – make sure our offering is relevant​
  • Don’t replicate underlying product functionality (current or imminently available) – we must add value beyond the underlying product​
  • Use the available data on all layers of the technology stack to differentiate our offering​
  • Provide the services in ways that are easy for the client to consume​

Capability areas