Smart Services

Advanced Intelligence for your Network

Coevolve Smart Services marks a significant step forward in managed services and pushes the boundaries of traditional network management through artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver more value, actionable insight, and capabilities to enterprise network management. 

Traditionally, network management involves static reporting but with more intelligent technology being deployed into enterprise networks there has been a shift in the expectations of managed services. Today, enterprises want more than an up/down status service, they want to effectively understand the business impact – “the domino effect”. With Coevolve Smart Services we take a pragmatic approach to network management enabling our clients to gain these desired actionable insights relevant to their business.

Enterprises are also inundated with unpragmatic data and reports, with Coevolve Smart Services we provide a data model that enables us to take business context into account, build on underlying product (network and security) functionality, and deliver actionable insights that matter – we find the needle in the haystack.

Key Smart Services Principles

  • Focus on the client’s business requirements and challenges – make sure our offering is relevant
  • Don’t replicate underlying product functionality (current or imminently available) – we must add value beyond the underlying product
  • Use the available data on all layers of the technology stack to differentiate our offering
  • Provide the services in ways that are easy for the client to consume
Coevolve Smart Services isn’t stand still, we continue to optimize and add new modules underneath four capability areas.

Network anomaly detection & alerting

Create network incident tickets automatically based on a wide range of triggers, including deviations from baseline performance levels.

Network visualization and insights

Gain additional visibility on the entire WAN, with a range of reports on capacity, performance, utilization, and other key trends.

Operational process and governance

Automated network operations processes that were previously performed manually, with a wide range of workflows to improve efficiency.

Client data access and connectors

Use advanced APIs to gain insights into a range of network inventory, performance, and operational data, using existing toolsets and workflows.

Through our Coevolve Smart Services, we collect over 2 billion data samples per month that contain crucial detail on the health, performance, and utilization levels of a component on our client’s networks. In doing so we have identified more than 5,000 instances of underperforming client-owned infrastructure, resulting in a 60% decrease in high-priority issues due to early detection and intervention while also reducing the time required to resolve incidents by more than 50%.

“At Coevolve, being an early adopter and innovation is part of our DNA and a crucial aspect of this now is our investment in Smart Services. Here, in addition to driving the underlying platforms and telco-independent SD-WAN and SASE and multi-cloud solutions really hard in one integrated solution. Is our ability to enhance the value that’s delivered from those platforms via actionable analytics from our Smart Services”. Tim Sullivan, CEO, Coevolve

Coevolve CEO & CTO: Revolutionizing Managed Services

Coevolve Smart Services leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to redefine network management, providing enhanced value, actionable insights, and additional capabilities.

Coevolve launches Smart Services to Enhance
Managed Services

Embodying our commitment to our clients and innovation. We built Coevolve Smart Services to addess our client’s network challenges and requirements and transform network management. 

Expanding our Capabilities and Value-add with Coevolve Smart Services

Coevolve CTO Ciaran Roche, discusses how our Smart Services directly improves the offerings that we deliver and the abilities of our interal team to better support and manage our clients networks.