Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024

Celebrated annually on the 8th of March, International Women’s Day (IWD) serves as a powerful reminder of the progress made toward gender equality and highlights the global achievements of women across social, economic, cultural, and political domains.

International Women’s Day is not country, group, or organization-specific, and has occurred for well over a century. Today it’s supported by over a million people.

This year, the theme of International Women’s Day is ‘Inspire Inclusion’ where we inspire others to understand and value women’s inclusion to forge a better world1.

Adelie Hanly, Coevolve People and Culture Manager notes “IWD is a day that brings awareness to and reminds us of the importance of being inclusive to women in both business and education, where we need more of a balance in how we solve problems together. Not for the sake of having women, but to be even stronger as women think differently, resulting in creating a stronger outcome and an equal workplace or world for all. Personally, the day is super important being a Women Leader in Tech. The day helps to remind us that we have come a long way, but we have a long way to go”.

Although IWD stands as a beacon of progress toward gender equality it also demonstrates the distance we still need to cover, particularly in terms of shifting women’s mindsets. “We need to start with ourselves and remember before you’re a wife and a mother, you’re a person with dreams and aspirations and you shouldn’t let society dictate what you should do. We dictate our own destiny”. We also need to support each other by advocating and proving to the world what women are truly capable of”. Fritzie Gracio, Inside Sales Representative, Coevolve

Rosemary Maglaque, Coevolve Inside Representative adds “We should celebrate women’s work in all walks of life and respect and preserve women’s rights and help women achieve their dreams and be aware of the progress made by women in achieving gender equality”.

At Coevolve, we are committed to encompassing a diverse workforce, recognizing the inherent strength and value derived from various perspectives, knowledge, and experiences. In alignment with this principle, we proudly support International Women’s Day and affirm our ongoing dedication to cultivating an inclusive and culturally diverse work environment. From recruitment strategies to an inclusive approach to personal and professional development and flexible work arrangements, we continue to break down the bias against women.

Ciaran Roche, Co-Founder and CTO notes, “In our industry, advancing gender equality starts with actively promoting diversity in our hiring and retention practices. We should focus on creating an inclusive workplace culture where women feel valued and empowered. This includes offering professional development opportunities, mentorship programs, and flexible work arrangements to accommodate different needs. We can also collaborate with educational institutions to support young women pursuing technology careers. Internally, we should establish forums for open dialogue about gender issues, encouraging our whole team to participate in these conversations. By investing in women’s growth and leadership within our company, we not only support gender equality but also drive innovation and success in the tech industry. Share a women’s empowerment moment that inspired you”.

To further encompass IWD this year, we invited Coevolve team members to reflect on inspirational moments of women’s empowerment. Here is what they had to say.

“My Mom’s entire life’s journey. A single Mother raising 7 kids. Husband passed. Never remarried. Learned a new language after meeting my Father. Giving speeches in that second language. Going from a waitress in a small-town diner to running a retail store with 200+ employees under her watch. The list goes on..”. Dardan Gashi, Technical Account Manager, Coevolve.

“Today, fortunately, I am constantly surrounded by inspirational women. On the home front, I have my Mum who continues to amaze me every single day with her resilience, determination, and strength. Turning to the realm of sports, the likes of Hayley Raso, Ellyse Perry, and Emma McKeown stand as icons who absolutely dominate their fields of play. In the entertainment industry, there is Taylor Swift, P!nk, Rihanna and so many others who inspire both men and women to not only be inclusive but the best versions of themselves. And how couldn’t I mention Aimee Smale, Melaine Perkins, and Sandy Lerner, just to name a few whose remarkable entrepreneurial skills have led to unwavering business success? But if I had to pick one inspirational moment of women’s empowerment it’s my Dad and his commitment, focus, and sacrifice to empower me as a woman through secondary and tertiary education. In doing so, he has instilled in me a profound belief in my self-worth, capabilities, and potential. Coupled with constant support, guidance, love, and a resounding mantra of “you can and will” have undoubtedly shaped the proud woman I have become today”. Claire McRobert, Marketing Manager, Coevolve

“Seeing my Wife and Mom tackle challenges with grace and resilience has always inspired me. Their ability to juggle multiple roles while staying true to themselves is a constant reminder of the power of women’s strength and determination”. Kenneth Tan, CRC Technical Manager, Coevolve

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