Business Services

Business Services cover a number of industries, but many of the same challenges apply. Global access to data and deep insights into application performance are critical requirements, and the move to the cloud only adds to the challenge.

Challenges for the Business Services industry

  • Terrestrial connectivity with long contract terms is unsuitable for transient requirements for interim connectivity at project sites or corporate conferences
  • Internet is the key tool to delivering business process outsourcing, information services, consulting, staffing, or marketing information but can also be slow and unreliable due to congestion and Internet peering
  • Providing consistent application performance globally to ever-increasing mobile users and a myriad of BYOD culture

With our tailored solutions, and co-managed approach we empower enterprises to adapt, innovate and grow. 

Our Services

Coevolve is a purpose-built company specifically formed to embrace disruptive technologies and practices and apply them to enterprise networks worldwide.