Modern manufacturing has evolved beyond the production of standalone products rather, it operates as a intricate process involving the procurement, production, and integration of various components within a global supply chain subject to raw material availability, skills, expertise, customer demands, and more. Today, manufactures are also confronted by the challenges and opportunities of Industry 4.0. With this digital progression unlocking new possibilities to enhance and optimize operational efficiency, productivity, safety and sustainability, modern manufacturers are tasked to digitally transformation their operations. 

Challenges for the Manufacturing Industry

  • Centralized Control – Increasing demand for centralization of enterprise resource planning applications as manufacturing activities are spread across different geographies to leverage low-cost manufacturing and mitigate supply chain risks
  • Agility – Build anticipatory/adaptive supply chain management to respond to supply chain disruptions such as a spike in demand, natural disaster, or supplier delivery failure
  • Efficiency – Just-in-time manufacturing means service disruptions will result in cost and productivity losses
  • Connectivity – receiving dynamic files from software packages like AutoCAD over traditional WANs can be time-consuming and unproductive
  • Learning – Machine to Machine communication and the advent of the connected device means that collection manipulation and use of big data from each machine is essential to drive efficiencies in a global supply chain
  • Availability – Complex supply chain of employees, suppliers, and customers that require 24/7 business systems availability and collaboration capability
  • Data – Constant flow of data from advanced digital tools causing network bottlenecks due to insufficient bandwidth, storage, device or server overload
  • Security – Lack of security awareness, compliance and regulatory standards and knowledge when building and maintaining networks viable for Industry 4.0

With Coevolve as a trusted partner, manufactures gain a competitive advantage by leveraging innovative solutions and cutting edge technology to optimize operations, enhance productivity, streamline processes and overcome challenges.

  • Our Professional Services are independent experts in the world of connected applications. Our team will work to understand the true complexities and requirements of your business and deliver independent recommendations for how to optimize and evolve your global operating environment
  • Our Network Management and Application Performance Management services support the complex world of manufacturing ensuring each site is connected in an optimal manner with core applications maintained 24×7
  • Our highly skilled engineers will proactively spot an application threshold alert or circuit fault and notify your operations for a speedy resolution to reduce supply chain downtime. With these capabilities, you can ensure optimal application delivery to your end users and supply chain activities

AutoPacific Group

Bringing a Global Organization Together to Innovate: VMware SD-WAN and Coevolve are the key to the to the collaboration highway for automotive manufacturer.

Since migrating to VMware SD-WAN, the performance of our Internet links has gotten better and better, and the bang for the buck has improved. In the past, we often felt that we all needed our own dedicated bandwidth, because we didn’t trust the Internet to carry our business-critical traffic. We don’t see an issue at all now.” – Andy Loughlin, IT Director at AutoPacific Group