Cloud Networking

Extending your network to the public cloud

What is it

Over the past few years, cloud networking has emerged as one of the most significant changes in the industry, resulting in a complete change in network topology. Initially, enterprises viewed cloud networking as a mere extension of their data centers, but as more applications were cloudified the requirements grew.

With more capacity, resilience and diversity being demanded we’ve seen a shift in the ‘center of gravity’ of enterprise networks – from on-premises to the public cloud. This has created the opportunity to deploy elastic, resilient networks that are cost efficient, scalable and perform to the standards required for today’s applications.

How it works

Cloud networking has become an integral component of enterprise environments, and plays a critical role in business performance. With cloud providers taking ownership of the virtualized infrastructure, they transfer the responsibility of building and maintaining the network from enterprises, meaning that enterprises no longer need to build or maintain their own network infrastructure.

This itself has been a driver for many enterprises to transition to a more cloud-centric approach. By deploying applications and workloads to a virtualized network infrastructure and integrating Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) at the edge enterprises can retire their expensive Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network, servers, and on-premise data center.


Cloud networking has quickly become the new normal for enterprise networks leading to better business performance through the following

Enhanced Access to Applications

Allowing users to access applications from anywhere, anytime – channeling a “work-from-anywhere” model

Cost Savings

By retiring expensive legacy infrastructure and eliminating the need to build and maintain physical network infrastructure

Increased Agility

From a more elastic network that is capable of ramping up and down when required


Through the ability to select a delivery model suitable to business requirements and capabilities

The Ability to Scale with the Business

Add additional resources such as capacity and storage without lengthy delays using elastic cloud services


With enterprises facing the common challenge of supporting users from any location, cloud networking is a necessity and no longer gives enterprises a competitive advantage. Working with a strategic partner like Coevolve can ensure better business outcomes and deliver superior results by acquiring the knowledge and expertise of industry professionals  from a cost perspective or performance perspective.

Our cloud services are driven by a solution-orientated approach, where we first will take the time to understand your business, its requirements, needs and capabilities. From here we are able to build a solution alongside your enterprise tailored to your unique needs.

Why Shoud Enterprises Focus on Cloud Networking

Enabling enterprises to establish virtual networks that have faster implementation times, scalability, cost savings, remote access, and more. 

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