Ahead of the Cloud Podcast Episode 4

Multi-cloud networking and deployment challenges

In this new episode of the Ahead of the Cloud podcast, we’ve got a really exciting discussion where we talk a lot more about Multi-cloud networking. We’ve seen it go from a side-topic to being a dominating trend in the SD-WAN and cloud conversation.

When we first started deploying SD-WAN solutions, anything cloud-related in terms of cloud infrastructure was typically just a very basic extension of the corporate WAN. What’s happened since then is that there’s an immense amount of focus being placed on the cloud infrastructure component. We’ve seen a lot of clients move their entire data centers into the cloud. We’ve seen many starting now to look at multi-cloud deployments. And we’re being asked regularly, how do you deal with this challenge? How do you provide secure connectivity into and between these cloud environments?

It’s a big topic. There’s a lot of detail behind it. And to facilitate that discussion, we wanted to bring somebody else that could add value to it and really share some of their practical experience.

Today we’re joined by Sudhir Sakhuja, our managing director at North America.