Ahead of the Cloud Podcast Episode 5

Your Network and the Hybrid Workplace

In this episode Ahead of the Cloud Podcast host Ciaran Roche is joined by Coevolve’s Co-Founder and CEO, Tim Sullivan. Both are going to be talking about something that likely is the most frequently discussed subject when we speak with customers and prospects recently: this whole topic around “Work from Anywhere!” and Hybrid Work, specifically what that’s going to do to the enterprise network.

In March of last year, we saw enterprises almost overnight having to reinvent how their networks are going to work. They had to get connectivity up very quickly to support remote workers and get them productive within typically hours or days at best. But what we’re starting to see now is that we’re past all of that, and we’re now at a scenario where enterprises are looking at something more complex: they’re looking at more of a permanent “work from anywhere” model. They’re trying to figure out how to deal with this scenario where they’re going to have some users in an office all the time, some never in an office, some that are in an office two or three days a week, and delivering a consistent user experience across that user base. In this episode, we discuss how an enterprise might be able to build a sustainable model for their network to support that type of pattern.