Ahead of the Cloud Podcast Episode 9

How our NextGen Series can provide a digital transformation framework

Most enterprises that we talk to are dealing with concurrent challenges including cloud migration, adapting to a hybrid workforce, converging network / security requirements and supporting new operating models. There are lots of vendor-specific perspectives there that point straight to a specific product as a way of addressing a particular challenge, but this often ignores the specifics of the business. We want to leverage our global perspective and experience across multiple vendors and industry verticals to provide more tailored advice and recommendations to these enterprises. We are launching our NextGen Series to provide enterprises with a framework that can enable their digital transformation initiatives. Some of the main themes we’re focusing on as part of this thought leadership series include:

  • The future of managed services
  • The future telco-independent WAN and backbone
  • Enabling Industry 4.0 initiatives
  • Assessing the digital outlook for the global enterprise

In this episode, Coevolve CTO Ciaran Roche discusses these themes with CEO Tim Sullivan, providing an introduction to the thought leadership Series and addressing the topics that many of our enterprise clients have raised.