Delivering Effective Managed Services in a Multi-Cloud Network

Presented by Ciaran Roche and Daniel Urbina of Coevolve

Over the last few years, cloud networking – in particular, multi-cloud has had immense attention as enterprises move their data centers to the cloud to support work-from-anywhere models. With 92% of enterprises having a multi-cloud strategy, it will become increasingly important for IT teams to understand and know how to best manage their multi-cloud environments and the networks that connect them.

Multi-cloud networks have added an additional layer of complexity to enterprise WANs, multiplying connectivity, data, routing, security, and troubleshooting challenges. In addition to these new considerations, cloud providers can often increase the strain on multi-cloud network management through unpredictable usage-based bandwidth and other costs.

To fundamentally address these challenges head-on, Coevolve is pleased to host a virtual webinar exploring the best practices for managing multi-cloud networking environments.

This webinar will explore the following topics:

  • The importance of implementing suitable multi-cloud network management
  • Guiding principles to select the right operational model and toolsets
  • How to align technology, people, and policies to deliver better business outcomes

The event features insights from Ciaran Roche, Coevolve’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, and Daniel Urbina, Coevolve’s Managing Director of Asia Pacific.