Delivering Services in 80 Countries

A new Coevolve milestone

Coevolve’s clients now use more than 475 telcos and ISPs in the underlay, demonstrating the value of our telco-independent approach.

Coevolve recently passed another significant milestone in our growth – we now provide our telco-independent SD-WAN, SASE, and multi-cloud networking solutions in 80 countries on 6 continents.

We strongly believe in our telco-independent approach because it allows our clients to access the best possible mix of telcos and ISPs at the network underlay. When we founded Coevolve in 2014, the concept of an Internet-centric approach for the network edge was still seen as a step too far for many enterprises. Now, with thousands of sites under management using this model, and most major global providers adopting a similar approach, it has essentially become the default.

It isn’t just theory for us though. Across the 80 countries where our clients’ networks are deployed, we are using an underlay made up of more than 475 different providers. We have built robust, repeatable architectures for next-generation WANs across almost every geography, taking into account the nuances and anomalies that exist in many markets.

We are now taking this a step further by applying our telco-independent approach to the core network. Through our partnership with Equinix, Coevolve now offers a true end-to-end replacement for traditional telco backbones, as well as providing direct access to multi-cloud environments.

Our co-managed services and Smart Services technology ensure our clients get the most value from their networks, regardless of the underlying technology or the geographies their network extends to.

We’re already looking forward to the next milestone of 100 countries, working with new and existing clients on projects in markets that provide a whole new set of challenges and opportunities!