SD-WAN 360 Podcast

Why a telco-independent approach makes sense for global SD-WAN

Coevolve co-founders join Rohan Naggi, host of the SD-WAN 360 podcast at VMware San Francisco.

While the Coevolve team was at VMworld 2019 in San Francisco, our co-founders recorded a podcast with author and host of the SD-WAN360 Podcast, Rohan Naggi. Rohan was keen to hear Tim and Ciaran describe our business model and differentiators, as well as delve in to some real-world case studies.

They discuss why Coevolve is a strong advocate for a telco-independent approach, the key service offerings from Coevolve, why they see enterprises looking for VMware SD-WAN and how to maximize the value from the solution. The discussion moves on how to evaluate the circuit underlay and where the innovation is happening. The VMware SD-WAN overlay is best used as the guiding design when a telco-independent approach is taken, including extending the network to the cloud.

The team got a huge amount of insight in to VMware’s latest plans, including leveraging Dell EMC, from this trip to the Bay Area to feed in to our company strategy. If you’d like to tap in to the team’s findings as you assess and deploy your next-generation network please contact us today.