Navigate the Myriad of Information Security Compliance and Risk Requirements

Every day we speak with customers struggling to understand how to navigate the myriad of information security compliance and risk requirements. 

As the networking and security domains continue to converge, the need to share knowledge and experience is critical to overall success. 

We would like to invite you to join us in conversation, facilitated by Elliot Dellys, Phronesis Security’s CEO and Andy Loughlin Coevolve’s Senior Technical Consultant joined by Tim Sullivan Coevolve’s CEO.   

The discussion will focus on:

  1. How to plan ahead to ensure network security goals align with organizational risk and compliance goals.
  2. How to measure, track, and report technical efforts to non-technical stakeholders.
  3. Leveraging your Information Security Management System to ensure clarity, consistency, and return on security investment.
  4. Understanding the benefits and challenges to ensure a zero-trust approach meets your business goals.
  5. Defining a clear pathway for implementing zero trust and SASE principles.

Event details

Date: Tuesday the 23rd of April 

Time: 3:00 pm with casual drinks to follow

Location: Melbourne Spaces Rialto, West Podium, Level Mezzanine 2 (M2), 525 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000.

Event Registration

About the speakers:

Elliot Dellys – Chief Realist (CEO), Phronesis Security

Elliot is Phronesis Security’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, AKA our Chief Realist. A former leader for a global cyber security firm and operations manager for Defence, Elliot has developed a nuanced understanding of the cyber threat environmentWith a background in Philosophy and a commitment to finding Ikigai, Elliot is passionate about solving complex cyber challenges and supporting high-impact charities. 

Tim Sullivan – CEO and Co-Founder, Coevolve

Tim co-founded Coevolve in 2014 to help enterprises adopt next-generation network technologies and access new levels of agility and end-user experience. Coevolve was one of the earliest adopters of SD-WAN and has pioneered a modular, co-managed service delivering step-change commercial gains for clients at each stage of the network life cycle. Coevolve has now delivered SD-WAN services and related technologies in over 60 counties on six continents. 

Andy Loughlin – Senior Technical Consultant, Coevolve

Andy is a senior IT Professional with Technical, Commercial, and Operational experience in Multi-National companies and industries including Automotive, Chemical, and Telecommunications. Andy has held Senior IT leadership roles in the Manufacturing and Automotive industries for over 20 years prior. Andy advises organizations adopting technologies such as SD-WAN and SASE, as a result of off-shore manufacturing, M&A activities, and an increased focus on cyber-security risks.