The logistics industry has many unique networking requirements, which can be a major challenge with legacy technologies. Constant connectivity is required, due to the use of centralized tracking and management systems. Locations can be situated in challenging geographies, and facilities like ports and airports can pose major networking challenges.

How we help the logistics industry

Coevolve has two key differentiators for the logistics industry vertical. The first is our truly global mindset. Our team has extensive experience delivering networks into some of the most challenging geographies around the world. We have direct experience with many of the challenges associated with delivering reliable connectivity into these locations and can offer practical advice and perspectives.

The second is our next-generation technology capabilities, specifically our telco-independent SD-WAN Solutions. Traditionally, network connectivity for logistics businesses required expensive MPLS connectivity, with very limited bandwidth due to cost constraints. With our telco-independent SD-WAN Solution, we can leverage lower-cost, in-country connectivity from multiple providers, and build the overlay on all of this connectivity. This can result in much greater available bandwidth and resilience, even in markets where the connectivity quality is poor.

The Rise of Telco-Independent Networks

As part of our NextGen Series, this eGuide delves into the evolution of network architecture and the emergence of telco- independent networks.