Another Winter Sleepout

Coevolve’s CEO will attend the Vinnies CEO Sleepout to raise awareness for the homeless for an 8th consecutive year.

This annual event sees business leaders in Sydney rally around to sleep rough and more importantly discuss sustainable approaches to addressing homelessness.

Coevolve CEO Tim Sullivan notes, “This is just one night, but critically it sees CEO’s walk in others’ shoes in an experiential event that raises significant funds for this burning issue our society must address. I support the Vinnies CEO Sleepout because this multi-faceted problem of homelessness really gets to me and makes me passionate about how we need to work harder for those who have fallen on hard times. So many of the homeless are escaping domestic violence compounding the hardship they face. The business community must engage in these deep social problems. We’re pleased Coevolve supports this event alongside hundreds of other businesses nationwide. Vinnies really follows through with highly targeted spend of the millions raised.”

A simple but powerful idea in its eleventh year, the CEO Sleepout was started by one person in the suburbs of Sydney and has turned in to an annual event held across Australia that has raised about $30 million.

Help us end the cycle of homelessness for all

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