Coevolve Launches New Managed Services for Azure Virtual WAN

With services covering the full network lifecycle


Coevolve, the leading global provider of telco-independent networking solutions for enterprises, today announced a comprehensive range of managed services for Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN.

Launched in 2018, Azure Virtual WAN provides a compelling alternative to traditional telco backbones for accessing workloads in Azure and in on-premises environments. It allows enterprises to create a virtual network overlay on Microsoft’s global backbone, and use this to carry traffic between regions. This can result in significant performance improvements when compared with traditional Internet-based access.

Azure Virtual WAN benefits from the use of SD-WAN technology for connecting edge sites to the network, allowing Coevolve to build on its extensive experience in this area to deliver fully integrated solutions.

Coevolve is launching two key services as part of this offering, both of which are published in the Azure Marketplace. The first is a 4-hour virtual network readiness workshop, which includes working with the client to identify potential benefits of adopting Azure Virtual WAN in their environment, and delivering a checklist of next steps. The second is a modular managed service offering, including the design, deployment, and ongoing management of Azure Virtual WAN in the client’s own Azure tenancy.

Managed Azure Virtual WAN Service

This offering includes the design, deployment and ongoing management of the Virtual WAN instance.

Azure Virtual WAN Workshop

Take the first steps in migrating to Arzure Virtual WAN, with this 4 Hour Network Readiness Workshop. 

Coevolve CTO Ciaran Roche commented: “We have been building telco-independent SD-WAN solutions for our clients since 2015, and during that time we’ve seen a huge increase in Azure adoption across most of our clients. Our new managed services capabilities for Azure Virtual WAN will further optimize our clients’ networks and replace legacy MPLS connectivity for many use cases.”

Key to providing effective managed services is secure access to the client’s network environment. Coevolve uses the Azure Lighthouse portal to allow the client to securely delegate management access to authorized Coevolve staff. The client can delegate management of a specific resource group to Coevolve, and the Azure Virtual WAN environment can be built and managed there.

Tim Sullivan, Coevolve CEO noted that managed service providers like Coevolve can play a key role in this ecosystem: “We’ve built a global team of networking experts that can design, deploy and manage compelling technologies like Azure Virtual WAN in the context of the client’s own environment. We understand both the new and the old, allowing our clients to benefit from the technology without having to become experts themselves.”

Coevolve's Managed Azure Networking Services

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