Hansen Technologies undertakes WAN Transformation

With VMware SASE and Equinix Network Edge

As enterprises worldwide pursue digital transformation initiatives, they increasingly embrace cloud-based architectures and services to meet their objectives. With employees and clients dispersed across geographic locations, and services deployed in many different cloud environments, there is unrelenting pressure on enterprise networks to become more secure, agile, and provide a consistent quality of service to all users – regardless of their physical location. In this webinar, hear Hansen Technologies discuss the networking challenges they faced, the considerations for their WAN transformation initiative, and the benefits of rearchitecting their distributed edge with VMware SASE™ on Equinix Network Edge.

This webinar is co-hosted in partnership with VMware, Equinix and Coevolve. 

Presented by 

  • Matt Gurrie, CIO, Hansen Technologies
  • Abe Ankumah, VP, VMware
  • Ciaran Roche, CTO, Coevolve
  • Kevin Skahill,  Network Edge Product Management, Equinix