Renting an Optimized WAN

How WAN Optimization as a Service can deliver a better User Experience

With growing demands on bandwidth and simultaneous pressure to improve user experience and reduce the effects of latency for business-critical applications, IT Managers have a major task at hand. Their global WAN may already include a mix of vendors, technologies, bandwidths, and geographies, making this an even more complex issue to resolve.

Until recently, enterprise IT Managers had very little choice other than to buy more MPLS bandwidth (which is difficult to procure, slow to deliver and very expensive in many locations outside major cities), and/or deploy a capital-intensive hardware-based optimization solution to attempt to improve the user experience.

It’s a major challenge; especially when vendors offer very few promises in performance gains before actually making the investment. There has to be a better way. And thankfully there is.

This WAN Optimization edition of Coevolve’s technical discussion paper series looks at the challenges, the technologies, and methods used in recent years to improve WAN performance. In addition, it provides an overview of the new improved operating model and technologies as we transition from a world of hardware-based optimization to the ‘as a Service’ model.

WAN Optimization as a Service isn’t a “rip-out and replace” model; instead it’s an opportunity to complement your existing infrastructure investment, allowing you to optimize more sites on your network, more cost-effectively.

More from less. It’s one of the unwritten expectations of IT management in a world where it’s expected that things will continually get twice as fast, at half the cost.

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