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The Next-Generation 'Cloud-Ready' Wide Area Network

This edition of Coevolve’s technical discussion paper series looks at how legacy MPLS-based WANs are no longer suitable for today’s dynamic requirements. The ever-increasing demand for internet-delivered services and communications has stretched the MPLS model to breaking point.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is now being implemented on the WAN through the use of SD-WAN solutions. These offer the the ability to dynamically scale, leverage commodity-based Internet infrastructure, and can direct traffic via the most efficient path based on traffic type.

With this technology, enterprises now have a new way of addressing their WAN challenges. The next step is identifying how to integrate the indisputable benefits of SD-WAN technology into an existing, fixed-infrastructure network. Read this discussion paper to gain an insight into how to build the next-generation ‘cloud-ready’ WAN.

Enterprise MPLS WANs have served us well up until this point however there are several limitations to their future effectiveness when the effects of Internet delivered applications and resources are considered.

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