The Critical Role of Cloud Networking and SD-WAN Expertise

An article by Coevolve Co-Founder and CTO Ciaran Roche

Expertise in building non-telco networks between CSP hubs, combined with SD-WAN will drive a new level of competitiveness for enterprise WANs

2018 has been a year of phenomenal growth in the SD-WAN market, and we are proud of what we’ve achieved for our clients with our Integrated SD-WAN Solution capabilities. As we look towards 2019, we believe that cloud networking will be one of the core competencies demanded by innovative enterprises that want to drive more competitiveness and functionality in the WAN.

Notably, we expect this expertise to come from non-telco managed service specialists that already have deep SD-WAN capabilities. Coevolve views this growing practice area as a strategic core competency, and we plan to continue to invest in it in the coming year.

What do we mean by “cloud networking”? In simple terms, we believe that the “center of gravity” for enterprise WANs will move from closed, internal WANs to concentrated infrastructure and application hubs in CSP environments. This will drive a new WAN architecture model that is built around connectivity within, and between these CSP environments, leveraging new commercial models and flexible, consumption-based contracts.

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