WAN Optimization for Next Generation Applications

Presented by Coevolve Co-Founder and CTO Ciaran Roche

Presented by Ciaran Roche, CTO of Coevolve

Global enterprises are highly dependent on Internet-based access to key internal applications for remote users, so they can be accessed from any location.

However, access via the unreliable public Internet can often be painfully slow and frustrating, especially when end users are situated long distances from the applications.

In this webinar, we will share some details on how Coevolve has helped many global enterprises enhance user experience for remote users using a private core built just for B2B interactions.

What we’ll cover:

  • The challenges of delivering high-performance VPNs and applications to remote users over the un-optimized Internet
  • Why optimizing global applications for all users is critical for digital enterprises
  • Why traditional CDN solutions are not an ideal solution for optimizing enterprise applications
  • How Coevolve can help deliver an optimized, consistent user experience regardless of where your users are situated