WAN Summit Sydney 2019

Australia's adoption of SD-WAN

Coevolve is excited to collaborate with Detmold Group to discuss SD-WAN and how Australia compares to other regions.

Join us for this webinar to look at lessons learned by early adopters of SD-WAN in Australia, how this compares with adoptions around the world, and the key opportunities Australian organisations have addressed with this technology.

What performance improvements have been achieved by early adopters in Australia?
How do these observations compare to Asia, Europe and America?
What are the key challenges Australian organisations are addressing with SD-WAN?
We will also be providing a preview of the topics that will be discussed during WAN Summit Sydney, examining global WAN market drivers and technologies.

David Stork from Detmold Group, a global manufacturing company, will also be sharing his first-hand experience with SD-WAN since 2015.

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