WAN Wednesdays Podcast

Cost savings in the enterprise WAN

Coevolve CTO Ciaran Roche talks to Bill Yates from WAN Summit about practical steps enterprises are taking to deliver cost savings.

We are big fans of the great work that the WAN Summit team does with their in-person and virtual events. Coevolve CTO Ciaran Roche joined Bill Yates from WAN Summit on the WAN Wednesdays podcast to talk about cost savings in the enterprise WAN.

Some of the topics included:

  • Are we seeing a shift away from traditional telco products in the WAN and more use of broadband and other Internet technologies?
  • How realistic is it for the enterprise to achieve cost savings in the short term on the WAN?
  • Is cloud adoption driving WAN cost savings?
  • What impact is the convergence between security and networking having on WAN cost savings