End-to-End SASE Solutions for Hybrid Work and IT Environments

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Navigating the dynamic landscape of SASE presents a formidable challenge, particularly amidst a market still in its maturation phase, resulting in a proliferation of bespoke SASE offerings tailored to individual providers’ strengths. As enterprises grapple with the evolving market, the complexities of strategic planning and effectively communicating value to internal stakeholders become increasingly daunting tasks.

For enterprises that have already embarked on their SASE journey the terrain remains uncharted, with intricacies and complexities inherent to the architecture. Regardless of the stage of your SASE journey, IT leaders require a trusted partner with unwavering expertise to guide them through every phase, ensuring alignment with business objectives and seamless optimization.

Coevolve can help support your SASE journey by offering a customized solution for your unique IT environments. Our hands-on expertise and over 7 years of experience in the convergence of network and security space have enabled our clients to reap the benefits of a SASE model before it was even coined a phrase by Gartner.

Get SASE Ready

The Rise of Telco-Independent Networks

As part of our NextGen Series, this eGuide delves into the evolution of network architecture and the emergence of telco-independent networks. It also sheds light on the potential obstacles you may encounter and the essential questions you should address before adopting a telco-independent approach.

“It’s an interesting time for enterprise networking because we’re seeing an unprecedented level of change – from the users to the infrastructure and applications they depend on – right across these critical environments. With these changes in enterprise networking, a complete rethink in terms of how these networks are built, managed, and optimized over time is needed – the traditional mindset isn’t going to deliver the performance, cost or technical outcomes that enterprise networks want to achieve.”

Coevolve Smart Services: An Introduction

Get to know our Smart Services capabilities, and understand how we’re using advanced technologies to deliver significant value and new benefits for our enterprise clients. 

Get SASE Ready: Technical Deep Dive

The move to SASE is part of a larger industry trend where enterprises are trying to solve how they can support and secure their hybrid workforce without hairpinning traffic. 

Greater Operational Efficiency with Telco-Independence

Discover how a telco-independent model can lead to greater agility, flexibility, cost savings, network performance and reliability, and business continuity.